Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Life With Restless Legs

I have often wondered what has caused this horrible feeling that goes through my legs. When I was younger my legs hurt. Was this restless legs or just growing pains? My sister always complained that I would kick her while I was sleeping. We slept in the same bed at different times. And I felt bad but had no idea I was kicking anything. No one I knew had trouble with their legs. Around the time I was in junior high I started going to dances. I really enjoyed it. I didn't realize it at the time but my legs were moving. No weird feelings and they did not hurt.

As I grew up and married they didn't bother me. While I was pregnant I often had leg cramps, but that subsided once I had that gift from God. Then I lived a number of years not being able to sleep. Did I have a clue of what it was? No. I would get cramps in my legs and feet every once in a while but nothing that was constant.

About the time I was in my early 40's my right leg started to shake when I went to bed. My husband said it looked like something a dead body would do. He had seen that before while he was in the military. Each year it got worse. I had been in a car accident before the shaking had started and thought maybe that was causing it. Not so, my left leg started. I paced all night long. I cried all night. I couldn't sit at all. So needless to say I was dragging the next day at work. I would do my typing or whatever standing up. Everyone thought I was nuts. How do you explain something that does not make any sense? I went to the doctor and told him it felt like bugs were crawling in my legs. He put me on antidepressants. After a few months he did a doppler and then sent me to a varicose vein surgeon. Nothing was found. Nothing was helping.

My legs got really hard. I got scared so I stopped the medication. I never took any medication so this was all new to me. Last year I found relief and am relaxed. If you would like to know more visit:

It got so bad my husband would carry me upstairs to bed. I would be able to stay there only a few minutes and I would have to get up. I would have to be really careful getting back downstairs. This is where I would end up all night. I couldn't keep getting in bed and then getting out because my husband needed his sleep. I eventually quit work because I did my sleeping during the day. I got to the point where I was just plain exhausted = crabby. Plus I was hurting. I didn't know what was wrong. The doctor didn't know what it was. My husband was getting upset. My life was a mess.

I moved to the south and within a few months I found a doctor. He told me what it was. I was so relieved because someone knew what bugs crawling through my legs meant. Restless Legs!

I was put on another antidepressant and Klonopin. Not much relief. I took those for about a year. Then it was Sinemet and Tramadol. Still not much relief. I did acquire the side effects. Lucky me. I was sick at least 4 times a day. My legs hurt, cramped, and shook day or night.

This went on for about 4 or 5 years. Then I got the augmentation. I thought my legs were bad before. I never dreamed how bad this could get. My life was unbearable. I was then put on Requip and Tramadol. It got a little better but I still had the same symptoms and side effects.

I was distraught for another 3-4 years. During this time I had a test. I was told the best test you can have. I had no nerve damage. Good news, but my legs were not cooperating with what I wanted to do. They had a mind of there own. But I have since gotten relief.


Then I went to a sleep clinic. Now I've been told I have sleep apnea. Wonderful. Just what I need. I was told maybe that's why my legs were waking me up. That made no sense to me because I was not sleeping. Talk about a zombie. I am now on a CPAP. But my legs are still hurting, cramping, and shaking. Now what? I am getting worse. I'm still sick 4 or 5 times a day, I go from not sleeping at all. Weeks at a time to sleeping around the clock. I did this for a couple more years. The only time I went anywhere was to the grocery store and the doctor. I went to the doctor's every 3 months. I finally got up to 6 months. Then about 9 months ago I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I didn't do what the doctors recommend. I weaned myself off the pills. At this time I was also getting dizzy and afraid of driving. I was also fed up with insurance companies and all the money I have spent with no relief. I had tried everything I could with iron supplements, calcium and magnesium, ben gay, hot tubs, massages, I couldn't stretch. My body just wouldn't do it. I think stretching might have helped some but I couldn't stretch. I would go for a massage and I was constantly told to relax. I didn't know how to relax.

I spend hours in a hot tub. In the beginning that was the only relief I had, but that stopped after a few years. This is so hard to live with. Now what am I going to do? I found a company that sells natural oils. I have tried natural things before with no relief should I try it? It's been a few years so maybe, just maybe someone made something that will work. I bought a sample. I put it on my back and it worked. I used it a couple more nights. It worked. I bought 4 bottles. They last a long time. I didn't want to run out of it. After only 3 nights I didn't have to use it every night. Now I don't use it much anymore. It has saved my life. I have had thoughts about cutting my legs off. I would never do it, but that is how bad they were. I also use their sleep aid.

I am sleeping now and my legs are totally relaxed. I am so glad I don't take any more medications. I haven't been back to the doctors yet, but that is on my agenda. I have to know if it might have helped the sleep apnea.

I have been so excited about this company Natures Inventory that I have become a home distributor. For me the wellness oils are from God. If I can help anyone get relief from this I will spread the word. Each and everyone of us suffering with Restless Legs has to find our own way of dealing with it. This is mine. The oils are 100% natural. No side effects. WOW. I can handle that. I have used many more but right now my focus was on my legs.

My life is getting back to normal. I am getting out, I go to bed and sleep when I lie down. And I am not exhausted and wake up feeling I have slept. Wonderful, yes, I would say that.

I don't know if it's hereditary, it really doesn't matter. I wish they would find out what causes it so people have more ways to relieve it. People do not understand it so they say all kinds of things. I didn't just tap my foot and shake my leg. It looks like I am having a seizure. One day my father thought I was having a stoke. I had no control. But now I am relaxed.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

The Holidays Are Upon Us

Thanksgiving 2008 is behind us now. Now is the time for Christmas Holidays. It's a time to just be thankful. I got a few small parties to look forward to. I have send gifts out. I have cut back tremendously but that's ok. Positive thinking can get you a long way. Things will get better. I have heard from people that I haven't heard from in years. That always puts a smile on my face. The time is for giving and what better way to do it. A smile and hope everyone is well. It makes my day.

I am wishing for a massage from my husband. It doesn't cost a thing but will make me relax and feel better. We buy oils from There are many different ones and they do work. They are all organic and come in a 2 ounce bottle. You don't use much so it last a long time. For massages I sometimes warm them. Try them. Then have a wonderful evening sitting by the fireplace.

Have a wonderful holiday! And relax like me.

Monday, November 24, 2008

..Thankful For..

It's been awhile since I posted anything. But since it is Thanksgiving I will now say what I am thankful for. The last few months I have had testing and some surgery. It came out great but I went through some depression because of the price and not knowing what the outcome would be. I am thankful that I'm ok.

I have also been using Natures Inventory 100% natural essential oils for about 14 months now and haven't had trouble with my restless legs. I sleep well but my sleep right now is upside down. I am sleeping through the day and up at night. I go through spells of this. Eventually it will turn back around. I am thankful for these great oils. You can check them out here: They have so many and I have used many. They have worked with me. There is nothing to swollow. You just rub it in and in goes to your bloodstream. I will never take meds again for RLS.

I am thankful that my family and friends are all doing fine. My dogs are doing great also. The weather is not bad, there is no black ice and Christmas is just around the corner.

I am thankful that I am optimistic that our world will turn around and get better so everyone will have a nice life.

I am thankful we are going out for dinner Thursday and that I can wish all
"Happy Thanksgiving"

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sleep Aid Suggestions

Due to the fact that I am up this morning I will be writing on suggestions for an alternative for sleep and suggestions for staying awake so you can sleep. I had restless legs, then sleep apnea. I took meds and couldn't sleep, then I slept around the clock. Insomnia! What a life. I couldn't take sleeping pills. I have changed my life around by doing these things.

1. A natural sleep aid from Nature's Inventory

2. Eliminate coffee after 2 cups in the morning or better yet eliminate coffee.

3. Don't use alcohol

4 . Be outside at least one hour in the morning

5. Do not take a nap

6. Get up same time every day. Even on weekends

7. Go to bed at the same time every night

8. Keeping CPAP clean is very important along with changing filters

9. If you can't sleep get up and do something. Not vigorous but something. Turn down the

brightness on your tv. Do not clock watch. Set clock, then turn it around. And last one

is don't smoke. If you do, have you your last one 2 hours before bedtime.

The most I ever slept was 3 hours. Now I am up to 6 or 7. I feel like I got a rested sleep.

I also use Nature's Inventory for my legs, my allergies, and sinus. It has worked wonders.

I use to ask my doctor how do I get outside in the morning if I am dead asleep. He would say get up and get out. I had to do a lot of training to be able to do this. It was not easy for me. But as of today I can and will continue to do it.

Sweet Dreams.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Natural Rhythm

I am writing this right now but I watched So You Think You Can Dance earlier. I am still into dancing at my age and enjoy all these programs. I have been very lucky with picking the winner every year. I just new Joshua would do it. Kaytee got a well deserved suprise. Fifty Thousand Dollars! They all are very talented and will all do very well in going that direction with their careers. I wish years ago I could have went that direction. I had the energy and love dancing. I have natural rhythm because I feel the music. I also was surprised with them having past winners dancing. I have thought of them doing this. I miss seeing them dance. So again, it added to a great evening.

Now it's time to start watching America's Best Dance Crew. I saw some young gentlemen dancing down in Clear Water Beach that were very good. I wanted to get right in the middle. It just brings so much joy to be able to watch talented kids. They are all so happy and enjoy what they are doing. I hope these programs last forever.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Riding the Roads

This last week of July was very exciting for me. I took a trip to Maggie Valley with the motorcycle group. Round trip about 225 miles. Gorgeous scenery but better in the fall. As for my restless legs. I put on my oil before I left. We did get to the valley and we went to a motorcycle museum. It was something to see if your into old motorcycles. They will be moving in the future to Arizona. I became tired from walking on the cement floor so I sat down and my legs started to shake. I walked outside and again applied the oils. The shaking stopped. We went for lunch after a couple of hours. My leg again shook. This time it was a very short episode so I did not reapply the oils. We drove all the way home from there without another problem, except for a little rain. What a wonderful day.

An I also went dancing last Friday and again last night. We danced quite a few times. Since we are getting up in years we space them. The music was great. A little line dancing, dancing to the 80's and some old 50's music. Some songs were Rhythm's Gonna Get You and Caribbean Queen. I was dancing in 4 inch heels and my legs never felt better. For more info on these wonderful oils visit:

Tomorrow we will visit Grainger County for there Tomato Festival. I love tomatoes. Riding the bike or driving in the car who cares. Just as long as I get goood tomatoes.

It has been a very nice week for me and I have these oils to thank. Last year it would have never have happened.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dancing is best exercise

I have been dancing for many years. I would have liked to have had a career in it but that didn't happen. I would dance at school on Friday. Went to the rec on Friday nights, YMCA on Saturdays. There were many others. I am still dancing at 58. I enjoy all the dance programs they have on tv. I faithfully watch all. For me it is the best exercise you can do. It difinitely gets your heart rate up. When I danced every week or everday it also keeps your weight down. I broke my ankle a couple of years ago and it helped straighten it. I have restless legs and of course dancing is ideal for keeping your legs moving. I use wellness oils on my legs. Just think about how you benefit.

1. You have fun

2. You keep your heart in good shape by exercising

3. You strengthen your muscles

4. Your waist goes down

5. Your restless legs are getting what they want

6. You go home relaxed

For info on wellness oils visit here:

I started dancing when I was in the 6th grade at home with my mom. I went to dances in the 6th grade and continued until this day. No dance classes but I have gotten standing ovations. It's all because I love to dance.

I usually do swing. But growing up in the 50's and 60's I've done many. I wish I could do all the dances they do now.