Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vacation Time With Restless Legs

I went on vacation in June so this post is a little late. I had a wonderful time. My husband and I drove about 12 hours to Clearwater Beach. We stopped every two hours to stretch and change drivers. I had absolutely no problem with my legs. These wellness oils are wonderful. I used Alergy Relief, Sinus oil, and of course the Sleep Aid. These are extra things I use with my Night Time Leg Calm. If anyone would like to know about them click on We stayed there a couple of nights.

We drove about 5 hours after that and got to our destination. It was hot and muggy, but we were feeling good. Again, my legs had no pain. The first couple of days we walked 4 miles a day on the beach. Four miles straight and my legs were fine. I wanted more but my husband was tired so we spend the rest of our time there boating and shopping and people watching.

When we left we drove about 5 hours and stopped and visited friends. We only drove over an hour before we stopped for the night. I am still having no pain and sleeping at night. I am also waking up refreshed. How wonderful is that? If anyone is interested in getting relief go to I feel so good about these oils I just want to let others aware of them.

The next day we drove home. I didn't even need to soak my legs. THEY WERE FEELING GREAT! To have a vacation or any day this nice is so unusual for me. I am so thankful for my wellness oils.

A couple of times since we have been home we went on the motorcyle without a problem. I am getting a whole knew life with the relief I have felt. NO PAIN, NO SHAKING, NO WIERD FEELINGS AND TO GET SLEEP ON TOP OF THAT. What a wonderful day. I am already making plans for another vacation.

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