Saturday, July 26, 2008

Riding the Roads

This last week of July was very exciting for me. I took a trip to Maggie Valley with the motorcycle group. Round trip about 225 miles. Gorgeous scenery but better in the fall. As for my restless legs. I put on my oil before I left. We did get to the valley and we went to a motorcycle museum. It was something to see if your into old motorcycles. They will be moving in the future to Arizona. I became tired from walking on the cement floor so I sat down and my legs started to shake. I walked outside and again applied the oils. The shaking stopped. We went for lunch after a couple of hours. My leg again shook. This time it was a very short episode so I did not reapply the oils. We drove all the way home from there without another problem, except for a little rain. What a wonderful day.

An I also went dancing last Friday and again last night. We danced quite a few times. Since we are getting up in years we space them. The music was great. A little line dancing, dancing to the 80's and some old 50's music. Some songs were Rhythm's Gonna Get You and Caribbean Queen. I was dancing in 4 inch heels and my legs never felt better. For more info on these wonderful oils visit:

Tomorrow we will visit Grainger County for there Tomato Festival. I love tomatoes. Riding the bike or driving in the car who cares. Just as long as I get goood tomatoes.

It has been a very nice week for me and I have these oils to thank. Last year it would have never have happened.

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Anonymous said...

I just got home from a long hot ride. My neck was stiff and sore. My wife uses your oils for restless legs but she remembered the article you had written about motorcycle riding. Well written article, by the way. We decided to try the oils on my neck and wrists and I felt relief right away. Thanks so much for your suggestions and your oils. We're ordering more today so I have my own supply.