Thursday, August 7, 2008

Natural Rhythm

I am writing this right now but I watched So You Think You Can Dance earlier. I am still into dancing at my age and enjoy all these programs. I have been very lucky with picking the winner every year. I just new Joshua would do it. Kaytee got a well deserved suprise. Fifty Thousand Dollars! They all are very talented and will all do very well in going that direction with their careers. I wish years ago I could have went that direction. I had the energy and love dancing. I have natural rhythm because I feel the music. I also was surprised with them having past winners dancing. I have thought of them doing this. I miss seeing them dance. So again, it added to a great evening.

Now it's time to start watching America's Best Dance Crew. I saw some young gentlemen dancing down in Clear Water Beach that were very good. I wanted to get right in the middle. It just brings so much joy to be able to watch talented kids. They are all so happy and enjoy what they are doing. I hope these programs last forever.

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