Friday, August 8, 2008

Sleep Aid Suggestions

Due to the fact that I am up this morning I will be writing on suggestions for an alternative for sleep and suggestions for staying awake so you can sleep. I had restless legs, then sleep apnea. I took meds and couldn't sleep, then I slept around the clock. Insomnia! What a life. I couldn't take sleeping pills. I have changed my life around by doing these things.

1. A natural sleep aid from Nature's Inventory

2. Eliminate coffee after 2 cups in the morning or better yet eliminate coffee.

3. Don't use alcohol

4 . Be outside at least one hour in the morning

5. Do not take a nap

6. Get up same time every day. Even on weekends

7. Go to bed at the same time every night

8. Keeping CPAP clean is very important along with changing filters

9. If you can't sleep get up and do something. Not vigorous but something. Turn down the

brightness on your tv. Do not clock watch. Set clock, then turn it around. And last one

is don't smoke. If you do, have you your last one 2 hours before bedtime.

The most I ever slept was 3 hours. Now I am up to 6 or 7. I feel like I got a rested sleep.

I also use Nature's Inventory for my legs, my allergies, and sinus. It has worked wonders.

I use to ask my doctor how do I get outside in the morning if I am dead asleep. He would say get up and get out. I had to do a lot of training to be able to do this. It was not easy for me. But as of today I can and will continue to do it.

Sweet Dreams.

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